Tragedy happens everyday.  If we were to truly open our eyes to this world, tragedy would be surrounding us.  

We allow things to affect us to a certain degree. The attacks in Paris for instance, we have all let them into our hearts and prayers.  We’ve changed our Facebook profile pic to include the French Flag.  We mention them in our nighttime prayers.  Maybe we’ve even meditated on how tragic it truly is, but then what?  What do we do?  Do we really change anything?

Terrorism is tragic.  It should never happen.  Hatred is real.  Satan is creating hatred within people’s hearts to distract us from our ultimate goal of reaching others with the truth.  

Recently, I have had tragedy hit closer to home.  A student from my old youth group ended his own life.  To me, there is nothing more tragic than unrealized potential.  

This young man had a zeal for life. He loved God’s creation.  He was a true northerner at heart with a love for hunting, fishing, being on the water or in the woods.  I loved teaching him about God.  I loved his excitement about loving others and helping people through life.

He had so much potential.  I hate, HATE that the enemy can wedge himself into our minds and start stripping away at our hope, our purpose, and our joy.  I hate when others do not see the potential that I see in them.  I hate knowing that God has such a great plan for people and then seeing the enemy suck it away with lies, bitterness, self-destruction, and defeat.  

As a Master’s Commission Director, it’s an honor for me to be able to work with students who desire to do whatever it takes to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.  I would hate for any of them to ever lose that hope and ambition.  I love that we have eight students that are striving to become ambassadors of Christ, willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill the Great Commission.

Yet, as this one life was ended, it made me question, why aren’t there more?  Why aren’t there more young adults out there that desire to know God to their fullest potential?  Why aren’t their more people that believe in themselves enough to pursue their callings?  Why aren’t their more people that believe they have a purpose?  

There are far too many people who have lost hope.  There are far too many CHRISTIANS who have lost hope.  We have let negativity outweigh joy.  We have let monotony conquer purpose.  We lost the excitement of the Gospel; we have lost the passion of new Christianity.  We let life become mundane. We stop seeing people.  People are why we are here.  People are our mission as Christians.  Loving people. Showing others they have a purpose.  

It’s simple really.  Our purpose is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to teach others to do the same.  

Tragedy happens. We cannot allow it to steal our hope.  Share your hope with someone today.  Share your hope with someone everyday. Let’s combat tragedy with love.