1 Samuel 17

Sometimes I feel a little like David: a young shepherd boy up against a giant.  Maybe you’ve been there too.  In all honestly, if I could, I’d choose to only do what I feel I am capable of.  I don’t seek out extreme challenges. I prefer staying within my realm of ability and knowledge.  It’s a part of my personality. I suppose I’m different than David in that regard.  He sought out this challenge.  I merely follow God’s leading into them. (Read: pushed into them kicking and screaming.)

God seems to place me in positions where I am consistently faced with the contrast of what I feel capable of doing and what I feel God is asking me to do. 

I think about the story of David and Goliath and so many questions come to mind.  Why David?  Why not one of the experienced, full-grown soldiers? What did David offer that caused him be the chosen one?  He had no combat experience.  Although he had fought off lions and bears, he didn’t have the strength of Sampson.  His apparent skill was keeping sheep and his weapon was a boy’s slingshot.  Why did God choose him?

No matter His reasoning, it’s apparent in the Bible that God intended David to be the one to fight Goliath.  God used that experience to make David known to the king and to the king’s son Jonathan who’d quickly become David’s greatest friend.  God could have chosen the biggest, strongest soldier to fight the Philistine.  That would have made more sense to me.  He could have even performed a miracle to increase the strength of David to match that of Goliath’s.  But instead, He chose to use a young shepherd as he was.  And He chose to use what he had… a simple slingshot and some stones.

I certainly don’t understand the mind of God, but I do know what Scripture tells us.  God chooses whom He chooses to give Himself glory and to fulfill His purposes.  God chooses the willing.  God chooses the weak to confound the wise.  God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.  He uses imperfect, ordinary jars of clay to do incredible things.

God, I am so grateful that You choose to use me as I am… faults, weaknesses, strengths and all.  Help me to maintain a submissive, willing heart so that no matter what circumstance or giant I face, I will always say, “I’ll go...”