During my super cool years in Jr. High I was a part of the puppet team at my church.  Ok, so maybe the puppet team didn’t equate to cool.  Truth be told, I was not cool at all.  I was a band geek with braces and a perm that made my head shaped like a pyramid.  Only my mother owns pictures of such times and had I any good sense I would have burned them all before heading off to college.  Anyway, one year our puppet team entered a puppet team competition.  (The cool factor just skyrocketted, didn’t it?)  Our entry was of a song titled “There’s a Hole in My Roof”.  It’s based off of the Bible story of the paraplegic who was lowered through the roof to Jesus so that he could be healed.  Randomly, that song started playing in my head the other day.

 “There’s a hole in my roof.  It’s the truth I wouldn’t spoof.  It was chopped there for a man with diseases.  And they lowered him down to Jesus.”

(Those of you who’d like proof that puppet team competitions actually exist can find our performance on youtube here.  And in case you were wondering how we did, we won a gold medal.  That’s right, my friends and I were super cool AND winners.)

Remembering that song caused me to ponder that story and encouraged me to read it again. (Luke 5: 17-25).   What caught my attention was the whole tearing apart the roof business.  How strange that may have appeared to the neighbors.  If you're familiar with the story, you know the reason the paralyzed man’s friends had to remove part of the roof, was because there were too many people crowding Jesus.  Lowering the man through the roof was the only way they could get him near Jesus to be healed.  It made me wonder what I would be willing to tear apart to get to Jesus.

My roof is pretty important. I mean, it’s basically my safety and security from the elements.  I live in northern Minnesota.  I need a good roof between me and the 87 feet of snow we get every winter!  But what if my “roof” was a figurative example of my safety and security?  Am I willing to do something that may expose me to difficulties or a lack of security?  Am I willing to do something that may appear incredibly strange to those around me just to get to Jesus and to receive His best for me?

What is it that you need from Jesus?  Healing like the paralyzed man?  A new job?  Direction in life?  A mended relationship?  I encourage you to go ahead and tear apart whatever it is that’s between you and Jesus’ best for your life.  You may look strange to those around you.  It may mean being willing to take a step of faith and potentially put yourself in a position that is more adventurous and less secure.  But in the end of that Bible story, the man got up off of his sick bed and walked away completely healed.  Not only was he healed, but because of his faith, Jesus chose to forgive him of his sins as well.  Being healed would have been a miracle enough, but Jesus had even more in mind.  I don’t doubt that Jesus has even more in mind for you too.

Ephesians 3:20 (NLT)
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.