$6,475 Tuition Includes:

          + Class fees and Books (West Coast Bible College and DMC Curriculum)
          + Apple iPad Mini (Students may upgrade to a MacBook Air for an additional fee.)
          + Travel Expenses (Each year we take a mission trip, cost of this trip varies and will be in addition to tuition.)


  • Recreational or personal spending.

  • Room and board. (Room and board is a benefit provided at the generosity of host families and is not paid for through student tuition.)

We want to help make attending DMC as affordable as possible while providing you with the best experience. To help with tuition costs, we are offering a payment plan option.



Pay in full on registration day.




Pay half on registration day and pay the remainder in 5 payments scheduled throughout the program year.  
Please make arrangements with the DMC office. ($250 additional fee)