Some of our Common Questions

Q. What is Master’s Commission? 
A. Master’s Commission is an intense discipleship program for students ages 18-25. It’s purpose is to teach students how to be life-long disciples of Christ, train in ministry/leadership, and prepare them to GO and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Q. What are you looking for in a perspective student? 
A. We are looking for a student who is willing to fully dedicate themselves to seeking God, serving the church, and to being trained in ministry. DMC is a place for mature, committed, born again Christians to receive training and guidance.

Q. When does a typical year start and end? 
A. The Duluth Master’s Commission year starts in September following Labor Day and ends the third week of May. 

Q. Are there any breaks during the nine-month period? 
A. Yes there is a break at Thanksgiving, an extended break during Christmas and a short spring break.  Dates will be outlined in your acceptance packet. 

Q. Where will I live while I’m at Duluth Master’s Commission? 
A. Students will live in host homes which are offered by members of Hermantown Community Church.  Each host home goes under a thorough application and inspection process. Room and board is a benefit provided at the generosity of host families and is not paid for through student tuition.

Q. Am I allowed to have a job while attending Duluth Master’s Commission? 
A. Master’s Commission is a full-time commitment that leaves no time for outside obligations. 100% dedication is required in order to make this a life-changing opportunity for you to learn and grow. For this reason students are not allowed to have on outside job during the program year.  However, our church houses a daycare and coffee shop where students may be allowed to work around the DMC schedule to earn tuition money.  These "work study" type opportunities are first-come, first-served and need based.  

Q. Do I need a car to be a part of Duluth Master’s Commission? 
A. The students will be required to do some daily traveling to and from campus as well as to other ministry locations. A good running car will be highly recommended.  If you are unable to acquire a vehicle, please contact our office. 

Q. Do I need health insurance? 
A. Yes. Each student must show proof of health coverage. Duluth Master’s Commission is not responsible for medical expenses incurred throughout the school year. 

Q. Is a high school diploma required? 
A. Yes. Students are required to have either a high school diploma or GED. 

Q. Are student’s allowed to date while a part of Duluth Master’s Commission? 
A. By joining Duluth Master’s Commission you are dedicating those months of your life to God.  All of your life. Because of this, we ask students to set aside their dating relationships throughout their first program year.